Raw & Salted
We take care of the origins, qualities and seasons to supply our production.
We process goatskins and kidskins.
Our fridges allows us to handle and store the skins in the best conditions.
Pickle is an intermediate step into tanning. To stop in Pickle allow us to accurate the grading by defects, thickness, size and quality of the grain.
We supply:
  • Pickle Goatskins
  • Pickle Kidskins
  • Once graded on Pickle, then we can decide which kinf of tanning will apply depending on the needs of our customer.
    Vegetal y Free-metal
    Our Wet-Blue is the result of a chorm based tanning process standardized with our customers.
    This give us the ability to precise better our grading depending on the basis of final product.
    We supply:
  • Wetblue Goatskins
  • Wetblue Kidskins
  • Vegetal & free-metal are both of them a free of metals tanning processes.