Raw & Salted
We take care of the origins, qualities and seasons to supply our production.
We supply the following types of lambskins.
  • Entrefino
  • Lacaune
  • Bastos
  • Hairsheep
  • Merinos
  • Sheepskins
  • Our fridges allows us to handle and store the skins in the best conditions.
    Pickle is an intermediate step into tanning.
    We supply:
  • Pickle Entrefino lambskins
  • Pickle Lacaune lambskins
  • Pickle Hairsheep Lambskins
  • Pickle Bastos Lambskins
  • Pickle Sheepskins
  • The grading in pickel give us the oportunity to decide the best utility for each final product.
    Vegetal y Free-metal
    Our Wet-Blue is the result of a chorm based tanning process standardized with our customers.
    After wet-blueing the quality is checked again.
    We supply:
  • Wetblue Entrefino lambskins
  • Wetblue Lacaune lambskins
  • Wetblue Hairsheep Lambskins
  • Wetblue Bastos Lambskins
  • Wetblue Sheepskins
  • Vegetal & free-metal are both of them a free of metals tanning processes.
    During our wet-yard production, we obtain the wool of the lambskins.
    Once graded, dryed and baled, we supply to the textil industries.